I Picture Myself in Summer

Image borrowed from ellaflor.com
I'm making a promise to myself to re-post this on August 19th, when the heat of summer has begun to feel like old news, and I'm tempted to take the smell of sun-warmed honeysuckle for granted.

I picture myself standing barefoot in grass; not soft, but smooth like straw.  The leaves of the tomatoes are fragrant from the late afternoon thunderstorm that shook the trees for fifteen minutes and then departed to wreak it's havoc eastward.  Golden rays now filter onto my face, dappled from the hulking maple in the neighbours' yard.  Beans groan on the trellises, twined thickly and begging to be picked... I know what's for dinner tonight.

Kids shout and throw things in the park across the street.  I can't see them, but their voices carry to my yard in the humid air, and the dog sits up with ears pricked, but doesn't bark.  I bend and pluck halfheartedly at some chickweed in the carrot bed, but at this point in the summer, the plants have won the battle for dominance in the veggie patch and it's little more than idle habit.  The garden is a grand and wild spectacle now, with grasses that talk in the evening breezes and coneflowers in a carnival of pinks and oranges that hum with bees.  As the storm eases further away, the sun strengthens to awaken the cicadas, and their thrumming songs resume in the trees as they whine to one another.

Sweet summer... you're only a breath away.  I ache for your warmth and bounty.  When you return, I'll welcome you with open arms and heart.  

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  1. Kris, I think that's a great plan. I was just sitting out on the front patio last week thinking the same thing. I was so enjoying the nice warm moist spring air but I knew that it wouldn't be long before the weather would turn hot and humid. I try to enjoy each day for what it is. Friday was the hottest day so far this year with 84 degrees. That's not usual for this time of the year for here. I just hope it's not an indication that the summer is going to be hot and dry. We haven't got any April showers like normal either.

    I hope you had a great weekend.