Homegrown Holidays

There are few things I love more than decorating for the Christmas season.  That said, it's been tough to get into the spirit so far, but last week I set my mind to creating a welcoming entrance.  Call it peer pressure, because my neighbours spare no expense or effort in offering a carnival of lights, glowing deer and garland!  I decided to skip the fanfare and focus on what I love most - the understated beauty of natural materials.

I built arrangements for my cast-iron urns using birch poles, banded willow branches, greens, some dried accents from the garden centre and cuts of dried 'Limelight' Hydrangea, plumes from my ornamental grasses and Sedum heads from the garden.  I'm truly thrilled with the result.

I searched high and low for a wreath that I liked enough to spend money on, but found nothing!  Instead, leftover greens from the arrangements, a few pine cones and a re-purposed ornament that I bought for my tree made a perfect alternative.  Tied together with some jute twine from the shed, it makes me smile every time I come home.

How are you decorating for the holidays?


  1. I like your decorations so much more than store made. In fact, I want to ditch my rather expensive wreath and go with the pinecones instead. Great work!

  2. Thanks so much @GirlRural.com! Loving your blog as well!