Happy Seedy Saturday!

Seeds, glorious seeds!
I LOVE Seedy Saturday.  I missed this great event last year, as I was travelling in Germany for work. While that was a thrill, and an excellent opportunity, I sorely missed the bustle and fun of buying, trading and giving away seeds!  There's something magical about the promise of summer bounty held in tidy little packages... hundreds of varieties of fruits and vegetables, all boasting unique traits and qualities that make them special.

I'm bringing peas and beets for the exchange table, and if you happen to pick up one of these packages, I hope you'll say hello in the comments below!

If the whole thing is new to you, find out more about Seedy Saturday at Linda Crago's Tree and Twig Farm blog here.  Seedy Saturday wouldn't happen in Niagara if not for Linda's boundless energy and enthusiasm.  She'll be there, and when you see her, make sure to say hello!