'Round the Bend

It's March, and frankly, not a moment too soon.  I've got a serious case of the winter blahs, and the shot of sunshine and hope that I received today is barely taking the edge off.  With a lingering chest cold and the exhaustion of tackling an ever-present to-do list that comes with a new house, I'm fighting the urge to crawl into bed and stay there until May.

What gets us through these months of freezing temperatures and bleak, gray landscape?  Well, for me, it's the promise of better days full of warm sun, sweet blooms buzzing with the sound of bees and the smell of wet soil and grass.  The dreams of a fresh start and the hope of summer keep me going when I can barely remember what a watermelon tastes like.  Last night, I began to work on this dream of a new season... I started my seeds.  Eggplants, hot peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, onions and leeks are officially in my future.

The future of Mo Farm will begin to take shape in the next several weeks as I survey my lot and plan my beds.  More seeds will be sown, the last straggling seed orders will be placed.  I'll find asparagus crowns (I hope) and seed potatoes to plant.  I'll draw and scribble in my notebook.

Spring, my friends, will come.  And I can hardly wait. 

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  1. When I can't be outside gardening and working on yard projects, I pass the time inside reading about gardening, planning the next season's garden, thinking about the Spring and Summer projects, and finishing up the inside Winter projects. By this time next year my seed starting station will be completed so I can be starting seeds. This year will be plants from the local nursery again.

    Have a great almost Spring day.