Niagara's Seedy Saturday in Photos

Just in case you couldn't make it out, here's a look at what was happening at Ball's Falls last Saturday !

The seed exchange table flowed full all day and attracted much attention.

The Lettuce, Turnip and Wine group helped to keep things running smoothly.

Tiffany from Eating Niagara tells people about her 'Garden of Eating' fruit tree program.

Seeds aplenty at The Cottage Gardener display.
More than just seeds for sale!
Informative speakers packed the house.
Passionate vendors like Mary shared advice and made suggestions to many.
Simply spectacular soup and stew was served by local foodies, peapod cuisine.
Attendees learned about MYKE, a beneficial mycorrhyzae.
Seedy legends Urban Harvest brought the goods!
Naturally, Linda at Tree & Twig  offered a fantastic array of open-pollinated seeds.
You can read Linda's blog post about the event from her perspective, and I encourage you to visit some of the links listed above.  The vendors and contributors to Niagara's Seedy Saturday were truly exceptional, and I already look forward to a bigger and better event in 2012.  Hope you'll be there too! 

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