I'm a Fan.

Gayla's most recent book - 'Grow Great Grub - Organic Food from Small Spaces' is a must-have.

When choosing a book to give as a gift, I run through a mental checklist.  Does it fit the recipient's personality?  Is the subject engaging?  Will it be cherished and enrich the life of the person I give it to?  No matter who the giftee may be, the answers to these questions are YES, YES and a resounding YES when the book is written by Gayla Trail.

Gayla is a Toronto author, blogger, and small-space/guerrilla gardening champion.  I don't mind telling you that she's one of my heroes.  Her website, You Grow Girl is a wealth of information and inspiration for newbies and seasoned gardeners alike, and includes her awesome blog as well as one of the best gardening forums on the internet.  I first discovered the site in 2005, when I was given Gayla's first book as a gift, entitled You Grow Girl: The Groundbreaking Guide to Gardening

My introduction to Gayla's writing opened new doors.

I devoured  'You Grow Girl', reading it cover to cover at least a dozen times in the first month it fell into my hands.  Shortly after, I found myself in the position to put the book into practice when I moved to an apartment in the States where my only gardening space was a partially shaded balcony.  If not for the book, I'd likely have determined that growing anything in this teeny situation was impossible... but that summer I enjoyed herbs, strawberries, peppers and loads of flowers thanks to Gayla's sound advice and creative small-space solutions.  I didn't know it at the time, but Mo Farm was growing in my heart and mind from the moment I picked the first strawberry that very summer.

Years later, with an actual garden to play in and much more experience under my belt, I was thrilled to hear that a new book was on the horizon for Gayla, and I rushed to pre-order it.  When Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small Spaces landed in my mailbox, it was like 'You Grow Girl' all over again.  I read it.  And re-read it.  And re-re-read it.  I filled it with sticky notes and scribbles, compiling lists of varieties that I wanted to try, projects to undertake, and tips I needed to share.  I've bought both of Gayla's books for countless friends, and they're among the most deeply cherished things that I own.  I know from her blog that a new book is on its' way, and trust me when I say I'll be first in line to get it.

Stuck for a last-minute gift?  You gotta get Gayla! 

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