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My first copy of Urban Farm... the beginning of a love affair
The other day, much to my delight, I discovered that Urban Farm magazine is now available by subscription.  Huzzah!  My friend happened upon this new publication last spring and brought it into the office, then in its' second edition (pictured above).  It was love at first glance!  I thumbed through the pages, drinking them in, and realized that there was no possible way that I could leave it at the office... this was going to have to be an overnighter.  Weeks later, I finally tracked down another copy of the issue - I had to buy it to replace the worn and dog-eared, post-it-note-ridden, overly-read copy that I'd commandeered from my officemate.  

Since then, I've become an avid hunter of Urban Farm... sometimes found with a bit of luck at Chapters, but more commonly discovered while unearthing hidden, scattered copies underneath piles of 'Country Living' and 'Good Housekeeping' at obscure grocery stores.  The search is over!  

Urban Farm is a new breed of gardening mag, focusing on sustainable city living with practical and creative advice from real 'urban farmers' on topics ranging from growing organic vegetables and improving your composting techniques to keeping city chickens, capturing and using rainwater effectively or starting a community garden.  It's seriously bad-ass, and I always recommend it to anyone who is interested in putting their backyard to better use.  The only downfall has been that it's generally pretty difficult to find - but now it will drop safely at my door!  Perfect! 

Now, off to trick my husband into buying me a subscription for Christmas... 

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