Earth to Table

Sometimes, life is extra great.  I was incredibly fortunate this week when I got a chance to meet someone whom I greatly admire.  Jeff Crump is the Executive Chef at the Ancaster Old Mill, and the author of Earth to Table, a remarkably beautiful and inspiring book that showcases the amazing rewards that are reaped when you connect with farmers and cook with fresh, local ingredients.

I love it when people turn out to be just like you expected, and this was one of those instances.  Jeff is an easygoing guy who truly enjoys sharing his passion for local food and simple, delicious cooking.  He has also been one of the biggest advocates of the Slow Food movement in Canada, and has founded a network of incredible people right here in the region who share his passion for the Earth to Table philosophy.

Looking for the perfect way to discover the benefits of eating locally and seasonally?  This is the book to buy - it will open the door to a new world for you. 

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