2012: The Year That Wasn't

Planting seedlings LATE in May, 2012.
2012 didn't happen in my garden.  Not really.  My season began with an injury... I sprained my ankle while chasing my other passion, roller derby (more on that later), and was hobbled when it came time to turn soil, plant seedlings and generally start making things happen out there.  With a late start in May, I never really found my garden groove and ended up with a half-assed, sorry shadow of what Mo Farm was meant to be. Hey, it happens.

The weeds were atrocious, my peppers didn't pep, the lettuce bolted and went to seed, and the zucchini never even got sown.  What did I learn from this?  Not a damn thing!  (haha) I'm not dwelling on my failed season, or even lamenting it.  I frequented the farmer's market, I spent more time with friends, and now, with the 2013 growing season on the horizon, I'm approaching my garden plans with a renewed energy and a better vision of what I need out of my landscape.  First and foremost in my planning - LOWER MAINTENANCE!  My world isn't about to get any less hectic, and in order to make the most of my time in the garden and to get the most yield out of my space, I'm reducing the turf, increasing the mulch, and turning my little beds into raised beds this spring.  I'm also going to look seriously into simple drip irrigation systems, invest in rain barrels, and figure out a way to keep the damn dogs from running through my tomatoes!

So... sound good?  Do you forgive me for abandoning you?  I can't wait to start the adventure again in 2013.... Seedy Saturday is next weekend!  Are you in?


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  1. Kris, sometimes things just don't work out the way we have them planned. I'm glad it hasn't ruined your gardening enthusiasm. With gardening there is always the next year. Roller Derby? Gardening and roller derby just don't fit together in my mind. What a well rounded person you are. Tender, gentle, patience with gardening and active, strong, and aggressive with roller derby. But then again I was a football player in high school and always enjoyed gardening so I suppose I'm not so different from you.

    Here's to a great 2013 year in what ever our interests are.