Welcome Back, Tomatoes!

The first ripe tomato of my season!

They're finally back!  The very first ripe tomatoes of the season appeared in the gardens last night, opening the door to months of juicy, seedy, delicious goodness.  

A big, beautiful 'Black Krim' deepens in colour on the vine.

Oh how I missed you, my dearest Black Krim... never leave me again!

Of course they will leave, as all seasonal foods must.  So it's up to us to enjoy every little bite, and every slurp, and every beautifully glowing orb on the vine.  We shall can! And we shall freeze! And we shall celebrate!  Which reminds me... 

Tree & Twig Tomato Tour 2010. Wowsa!

Linda of Tree & Twig has announced the date for her annual Tomato Bash at the farm! I had such an amazing time last year, and if you missed it, I know that you regretted not coming when you saw the pictures. Don't make the same mistake this year - come on out to Tree & Twig on September 4th!  If you're in my neck of the woods, you're welcome to ride with me.

Until then, I'll be wrist-deep in tomato glory...  Yippee! 

A 'San Marzano' - won't be long now!
'Black Plum' ready for eating. It was so sweet!


  1. Your tomatoes look beautiful! I just collected a nice harvest from my wee plants this morning. Loving your blog too (:

  2. @Julia - Thanks so much for reading! It seems that the tomato harvest will be a good one this year. Cheers!

  3. Your lovely little tomatoes look beautiful, and delicious. I too am feeling that same euphoric, blissful sensation that comes around every tomato season. In my garden, our mouthes are watering over our Violet Jaspers, Money Makers and Arkansas Travelers. Happy August Kris!

  4. @Mary - Happy August to you as well! It just may be my favourite time in the garden.