A Summer Pause

How has it happened?  Frankly, I've been a miserable blogger this season... but perhaps that's been to the benefit of my garden.  It's been easy to get frustrated this season, inheriting a giant space with a wonderful bounty to keep over, ambitiously expanding and experimenting, wanting everything to work out right here and now.  But, as usual, the garden teaches me patience. It slows and humbles me. It reminds me that sometimes, despite doing the right thing and planning carefully, harvests will fail. Trees will drop fruit. Flowers will wilt, and aphids will suck, and grass will brown and go dormant.  The high season of summer takes hold, and we give pause to bow to the heat and admit that at times, it's best to put down your arms and retreat, relenting in the shade and the cool respite of a hard-won mint tea on ice.

MO FARM in images as of the end of June follows. I truly can't wait to see what July will hold.

I promise to be better with sharing my fun.


  1. This year has been a big learning experience for me as well. I've found some crops would have done better in other parts of the yard, some needed better staking and some have done better than I would have thought. I guess there's always next year to try again!

  2. Good looking garden!

    I know what you mean about it being a strange year. My chard is perplexing me by its slow (no) growth when usually, that's the one plant I can count on to grow beautifully. My beets are struggling, too, but when all is said and done, I will endive coming out my ears. Good thing I like bitter greens.

  3. @Alexis E. - you said it! If we couldn't make mistakes and learn, I don't know why we'd bother.

    @Tiffany - thank you! Funny how much things change from season to season, isn't it? I'm much better with continually planting this year, though, so it's not over til it's over. Are you in on Linda's late beet challenge? My Detroit Reds are hittin the soil this Friday!