The first blossoms open in my backyard.

So much has been happening at Mo Farm - there's hardly time to post about it!  A quick update...

Peas are emerging.

So are beets, both Golden Detroit & Chioggia.
Hopeful little Golden Detroit beets.
Mammoth Melting Sugar peas begin to emerge. I can taste them already!

The fruit trees are blooming wildly - it's like a circus and I'm in love!

Blossoms & blue sky.
I expanded the existing perennial border on the left side of the yard and added 2 yards of black loam (with the help of my small and mighty sis!)  It will now become the 'fruit forest' where I've planted rhubarb and a blueberry already, and will soon add additional blueberry varieties, strawberries, plum and apricot trees, another cherry, and an assortment of perennial faves.
My newly-acquired 'Pink Lemonade' blueberry.

The fruit trees buzz with life. It's awesome!

On the not-so-great side,  the broccoli and brussels sprouts are pretty lame.  They're doing fine, but haven't put on any growth at all since being planted... we'll see what happens!

Finally, the downer-of-the-month: my fence blew down.  Almost all of it.  It was a wild storm that impacted hundreds of homes in the area, and frankly, I suppose we're lucky.  Some folks close by had giant trees crash through their homes or onto their cars... that said, way too much time and money will need to be spent in the next week in order to repair the damage.  Ahhh, glorious homeownership...


  1. Glad you didn't sustain any more damage than a downed fence, althought that can be a pain too. Your latest update has inspired me to go out and find some pear and cherry varieties and plant them. Thanks for the kick in the butt I needed to get more fruit in my yard!

  2. @Mary - I'm glad to hear it. I think the next cherry I plant will be a 4-in-1 combo... I want as much variety as possible! Thanks for reading!

  3. We've got three varieties on our cherry tree. Can't you graft new varieties on to your existing tree?

  4. @Jesse - Yeah, probably! It's so nicely branched, though, and I have room for more trees so... new trees it will be.

    Just read about your planting progress - you're busy bees! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and say hello!